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Current and Past Projects

Over the years, our portfolio of work has grown exponentially. From the editing and publishing of novels, podcasts, websites, and video series to entire brand and city wide marketing campaigns, we have worked on almost every level of digital and physical marketing. Our expertise in the fields of graphic design and writing create unique insights and innovations in the marketing fields while our attention to professionalism and accountability ensure the effectiveness and quality of everything we do. Please look over some of the following sites and testimonials from our previous customers below.

Social Marketing and Website Design

Carolina Family Outdoor and its sister company, Carolina Family Pool and Patio, have been working with us for a year on their social media posts and website design. With our expertise in Google advertising and social media marketing, we have enabled their online presence to grow exponentially. Their website has become engaging and a perfect showcase for their products!

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Website and Logo Design 

A local school teacher had a dream of creating a organization that focused on teaching life skills and benefiting skill trade students across Eastern NC. With our help, they were able to quickly get a logo designed, a website created, and an active blog/support page! Bootstrap Empowerment Solutions is one of our favorite kinds of clients as they are giving back to the community and we got to be a small part of that!

Social Marketing and Website Design

Since the inception of Woodard Solutions, we have had a standing contract with Forbes Mobile Home Supply to help them with the management of advertising, social media, and website design. From a complete rebranding of their logo to what is now a large and powerful social media presence, they have seen growth and community oriented gains across all of NC. We saved them hundreds on their marketing budget and are producing results that they never expected from the avenues we have explored.

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Website, Marketing, and Social Outreach

While one of our newest contracts, EastWest Products has big plans for their growth and message. With a new website, LinkedIn page, and a fully revamped outreach plan, EastWest and Woodard Solutions have partnered to kickstart this year with a fresh coat of paint and high expectations for appreciable results. Their new website and other improvements we are making will be completed by early August.

Dream Big Pray Hard Never Quit

A Book, An International Non-Profit, And  A Lot Of Dreams

We have worked with Dream Big for years now. From a simple slogan came the birth of a huge movement and following spanning over 50 countries. With our help, RJ Allen was able to publish his book, effectively market and spread his message, and give back immensely to his local schools and organizations around the world. With a clothing brand and accessories as funding, he has been able to do incredible things for those in need. 

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Priscilla Livingston

Local Author, Chef Extraordinaire, and Entrepreneurial Prodigy 

For the last year, we have been working with Priscilla, a author local to the coastal Carolinas, on editing, publishing, and marketing her upcoming book, "A Gourmet Recipe To Entrepreneurship." With her website under construction, a video series in the works, social marketing, and a book tour in the works, she has seen first hand the benefits of our small business model and pricing. Look for her book to be out by the Fall of 2022! 

Local Family Owned Restaurant

Having signed with us relatively recently, they have seen a large amount of growth in their social media presence and are their new website is averaging over 200 unique visitors a day!

As a small family owned business, they are a testament to our willingness to work within your budget and get results that work for your business.


Other Notable Projects

Over the years, we have worked with and enabled the success of more businesses, authors, non profits, and schools than we can count. Here are just a few more of our projects for you to inspect should you wish to learn more about our company.

"Behind the Wall" Ryan Bradshaw- Editor and advisor for publishing

"The Red Tower" David Rigsbee- Proof read and literary recommendation

"Goldsboro Travel and Tourism Plan 2020"- Marketing creator and organizer of more than 25 local businesses

"Jackson and Sons Pet of The Week Video"- Weekly creation of Pet of the Week videos for local radio stations and dog shelters

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