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Notebook and Pen


While established in 2021 by Keith Woodard, Woodard Solutions has been a company in the formulation for well over a decade. The business model was created from a true passion for helping others achieve their business and outreach goals. He began with video editing for non profits and the editing and publication of several books by local authors. Over the years, he would continue to work within education, radio, website design, and video creation. These experiences would eventually culminate in a specific set of skills and a unique outlook on the trends within entrepreneurial marketing. Now, Woodard Solutions is looking to expand their portfolio of active businesses and to create an affordable, effective marketing strategy for every business we contract with. As a family owned small business in Eastern NC, we know the risks, investments, and time it takes to create a truly effective marketing campaign or new product. We want to help you establish and maintain those projects so that you can focus on the goals that really matter for your company.

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